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Sign Control Software

NovaStar, the software driving the display, will play common image files including bmp, jpeg, ico, png, gif and video formats including wmv, asx, asf, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, h.264, DVD, VCD, xvid, divx, mov, mp4, rmvb, and avc1. It will also play swf flash files and common office files, various clocks, weather feeds, countdown timers and RSS feeds.

This allows you to display a large variety of both still and video files on the screen. The software is easy to operate and schedule the display. Your files are saved as playlists and then can be scheduled to play at different times of day. A retail store may chose to display the same content all day everyday, where a restuarant may want to have the content change for different times of day or day of week to sync with specific meal times or specials.

The computer can be connected by network cabling or wireless connection. Content can also be uploaded to the sign from a USB stick. The direct network cable allows for updating the content in real time. Wireless or USB requires the content scheduling be set-up and then uploaded to the sign.